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Information Governance Consultancy



What is it about?

Complying with the ever-changing landscape of data protection legislation and adapting to new cybersecurity threats and customer requirements is a constant challenge. It isn’t your company’s ‘day job’, but it is ours. We aim to assist our clients in adopting and maintaining not only the legal minimum standards, but best practice with tools, templates and advice.


How hard can it be?

  • The Toolkit is complex, with up to 50 assertions to make and many evidence items to provide
  • Staff with access to NHS patient data must undertake appropriate training
  • The assessment (and associated training) must be renewed annually


How can we help?

We can really make a difference with

  • Process reviews
  • Documentation review and provision
  • Project participation
  • Data Processing Agreements and contracts
  • Data Sharing
  • Incident handling


We can provide advice and consultancy whether or not we are your Data Protection Officer
So if you need assistance – call on us – we are only a click or two away
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