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Data Processors

We aim to be transparent about how we handle data, especially personal data and our clients’ data. Transparency includes disclosing, via this page, the suppliers we use to help us deliver our services.

Whilst working for us, these organisations may process on our behalf the personal data of our clients and ourselves. If they do so, they are acting as processors* and/or sub-processors for our clients or us.

We have suitable contracts or data proceeding agreements with all these suppliers who are legally bound to act on our instructions at all times. They will not use, share, or retain client personal data for any purposes other than those necessary for the provision of services on our behalf. In most cases, the data processed is not only encrypted ‘in motion’, but also ‘at rest’, making it incomprehensible to our processors and its compromise or disclosure by them is thereby rendered impossible.

* Processor is the term used in UK and EU data protection legislation, but these organisations are sometimes referred to as data processors.

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