Training Course Quick Start Guide

Students engaged in computer-based training
  1. Browse to our website at and LOG IN *
  2. If the Training page doesn’t automatically load, click on CLIENT PORTAL > Training in the Menu
  3. Click on your chosen course tile’s Flip for Information link …
  4. … then click on its Take the Course button
  5. Read through the slides and digest their content
  6. When ready, click the large red TAKE THE ASSESSMENT button or …
  7. … return to theTraining page and on the flip side of the Assessment tile, click on Take the Assessment

  1. Answer all the Assessment questions – guessing may cost you marks – it could be better to skip if you don’t know the answer
  2. After the final question, click the Finish button to reveal your score
  3. If you need another attempt, Retry
  4. Finally, LOG OUT from the top menu
  5. Your employer will send you a certificate shortly after you have passed

* If you have lost or forgotten your login credentials, follow the prompts on the LOG IN screen or use our CONTACT form to get help


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