Web Hosting

Our affordable hosting comes with the following features:

• Secure shared production hosting on a Tier 4 UK server *
• 99.99% platform uptime (100% in 2021 to date)
• DDoS protection and resilience built into the network
• Daily automatic backups
• Backups held on a separate EU server (encrypted in transit and at rest)
• Multiple backup versions retained
• Weekly backup testing to ensure that restoration will work
• Separate Staging environment on an EU cloud server
 (keeps development and planned updates and separate from production – facilitates rollback)
• Automatic malware scanning and removal
• Website firewall to monitor and block request from malicious IPs
• CAPTCHA-based login protection against bots trying to gain site access
• Website security hardening with inbuilt Joomla! and WordPress recommended processes
• Site performance checks