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06 Jan 2021

In common with every business, organisation and individual, Exigia Ltd. has been operating under coronavirus restrictions.  The situation remains as difficult as ever with many aspects of daily life being radically affected.  We have all learned to cope and adapt as best we can. Here at Exigia, we have been hoarding knowledge, expertise, common sense and attention to detail for years and so we have plenty in stock to tide us over.  Black humour aside, we are also keeping up to date with news and developments in our field in order to assist our clients wherever possible. We have always conducted most of your business 'remotely'; largely by email, phone and increasingly via this website and the internet.  This has put us in an excellent position to maintain our operations for 'the duration'. So, until further notice, it is business as usual except that:

  • We won't be making any client visits or otherwise meeting our clients face to face
  • We will use an even wider range of technologies to communicate with our clients and fit in with their practices wherever possible
  • We will inform clients of changes in the delivery of our services via the usual channels and by posting notices here - on the home page of our website

We wish all our clients well and hope that they will weather the storm unscathed, if not unaffected.  For our part, we will do our best to provide as much help as possible.

Nick Birch
Managing Director
Exigia Ltd.

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