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  1. PowerPoint ‘Weakness’ Opens Door to Malicious Mouse-Over Attack

    Novel hack allows an attacker to create a mouse-over in a PowerPoint file that triggers the installation of malware.
  2. Dark_Nexus Botnet Compromises Thousands of ASUS, D-Link Routers

    Researchers say the botnet has emerged over the past three months and shares aspects with Mirai and Qbot.
  3. ThreatList: Skype-Themed Apps Hide a Raft of Malware

    Hundreds of thousands of malware files are disguised as well-known social conferencing and collaboration apps.
  4. WhatsApp Axes COVID-19 Mass Message Forwarding

    Amid rampant misinformation, users of the Facebook-owned messaging platform can no longer send coronavirus messages to more than one user at a time.
  5. ‘Fake Fingerprints’ Bypass Scanners with 3D Printing

    New research used 3D printing technology to bypass fingerprint scanners, and tested it against Apple, Samsung and Microsoft mobile products.