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  1. Crippling Cyberattacks, Disinformation Top Concerns for Election Day

    Cyber-researchers weigh in on what concerns them the most as the U.S. heads into the final weekend before the presidential election -- and they also highlight the positives.
  2. WordPress Patches 3-Year-Old High-Severity RCE Bug

    In all, WordPress patched 10 security bugs as part of the release of version 5.5.2 of its web publishing software.
  3. Firestarter Android Malware Abuses Google Firebase Cloud Messaging

    The DoNot APT threat group is leveraging the legitimate Google Firebase Cloud Messaging server as a command-and-control (C2) communication mechanism.
  4. Wisc. GOP’s $2.3M MAGA Hat Debacle Showcases Fraud Concerns

    Scammers bilked Wisconsin Republicans out of $2.3 million in a basic BEC scam — and anyone working on the upcoming election needs to pay attention.   
  5. Halloween News Wrap: The Election, Hospital Deaths and Other Scary Cyberattack Stories

    Threatpost breaks down the scariest stories of the week ended Oct. 30 haunting the security industry -- including bugs that just won't die.