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  1. New JhoneRAT Malware Targets Middle East

    Researchers say that JhoneRAT has various anti-detection techniques - including making use of Google Drive, Google Forms and Twitter.
  2. Feds Cut Off Access to Billions of Breached Records with Site Takedown

    The WeLeakInfo "data breach notification" domain is no more.
  3. Mobile Carrier Customer Service Ushers in SIM-Swap Fraud

    Weak challenge questions by customer service reps make it easy for fraudsters to hijack a phone line and bypass 2FA to breach accounts.
  4. Threatpost Poll: Are Published PoC Exploits a Good or Bad Idea?

    Are publicly released proof-of-concept exploits more helpful for system defenders -- or bad actors?
  5. News Wrap: PoC Exploits, Cable Haunt and Joker Malware

    Are publicly-released PoC exploits good or bad? Why is the Joker malware giving Google a headache? The Threatpost team discusses all this and more in this week's news wrap.