Latest Security Articles from Techworld
  1. What is Cambridge Analytica?

    As we survey the fallout of the Facebook data scandal, here's a handy timeline to the company at the heart of things: Cambridge Analytica
  2. The UK porn ban is dead – for now

    The government has shelved plans to block adult sites using age verification technology amidst heavy criticism from privacy advocates and a perceived lack of scope for the policy
  3. What is synthetic data and how can it help protect privacy?

    Hazy CEO Harry Keen explains why artificially produced data is gaining favour over information generated by real-world events
  4. Snyk wins $70m injection with open source dev-first security pledge

    That's more than $100m raised in the four short years since the London-headquartered open source and container images vulnerability database firm was founded. We speak with founder Guy Podjarny and CEO Peter McKay to hear more
  5. Police use of facial recognition ruled legal: what will be the impact?

    The outcome of the case in Wales has raised fears that AFR use by police will now become ubiquitous, but the judge’s decision may not be final