Latest Security Articles from Techworld
  1. Privacy concerns raised by COVID-19 symptom checking app

    While coordinated action is urgently needed, should we be racing to download everything that promises a solution?
  2. North Korean elite increasingly turning to VPNs, Tor

    While only a small group of North Koreans have access to the global internet, usage patterns are changing among the elites of Pyongyang – with those in military intelligence circles now exhibiting stronger security chops, a report from Recorded Future has found
  3. Visa's acquisition of Plaid throws up data reuse concerns

    What happens when a service you shared your personal data with is acquired by a giant corporation?
  4. What is Cambridge Analytica?

    As we survey the fallout of the Facebook data scandal, here's a handy timeline to the company at the heart of things: Cambridge Analytica
  5. The UK porn ban is dead – for now

    The government has shelved plans to block adult sites using age verification technology amidst heavy criticism from privacy advocates and a perceived lack of scope for the policy