News highlights from the National Cyber Security Centre

This includes feeds from report, guidance and blog-post
  1. NCSC IT: There's confidence and then there's SaaS

    Raising a cheer for SaaS vendors who respond to our cloud security principles.
  2. Cloud backup options for mitigating the threat of ransomware

    The increase in cyber attacks related to COVID-19 (and the number of people now home working) means it is more important than ever to ensure your information is backed up securely.
  3. Weekly Threat Report 3rd April 2020

    The NCSC's weekly threat report is drawn from recent open source reporting.
  4. Cyber Essentials: opening a new chapter with IASME Consortium

    At the launch of the Cyber Essentials partnership with IASME Consortium, Anne W reflects on the power of partnerships.
  5. Cyber Essentials: IASME Consortium reaches a new milestone

    Discover how IASME are working closely with the NCSC to begin a bright future for Cyber Essentials.