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30 March 2020

During the current crisis, we aim to share as much useful advice from the ICO, the Government and the NHS as we can. All articles related to the pandemic will have the same 'viral' heading as this, making them easy to spot.

We hope that all the information we share, on this website and in other ways is factually correct and not presented in any way to mislead, but there is a lot of factually incorrect, misleading and deliberately fraudulent information circulating on the web and social media right now. Criminals, trouble-makers and even enemies of the UK are active, trying to exploit the crisis.

The Government is concerned and has a task force working on disinformation. When false narratives are identified, the government’s Rapid Response Unit coordinates with departments across Whitehall to deploy the appropriate response. This can include a direct rebuttal on social media, working with platforms to remove harmful content and ensuring public health campaigns are promoted through reliable sources.

The unit is one of the teams feeding into the wider Counter Disinformation Cell led by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, made up of experts from across government and in the tech sector.

For more information, see the Government's SHAREchecklist website.

The SHARE mnemonic explained