Data Privacy Day Icon28 Jan 2021

The 28th January each year is 'officially' known as Data Privacy Day or Data Protection Day in Europe where it originated.

Not an opportunity that greetings card manufacturers have latched onto (yet), but nevertheless a good opportunity to take stock of the importance of privacy in our lives.

If you want to know the background, here are the details from the Council of Europe.

Co-incidentally, we were struck the other day by the attitude that organisations sometimes adopt to the issue.

Have a look at this popup taken from a well known media website. It's wonderful that the publishers are trying to explain their policies in such a prominent way, but the flippancy and level of dismissiveness shown in the bottom paragraph are astonishing.

Maybe they aren't a very serious publication and at least they don't say they were 'taking our privacy and data protection seriously'. We are sadly left reminding ourselves that the British press doesn't have an enviable record on this subject.

026 The Sun Privacy Popup

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