Secure communications

secure mailbox

We all want to be secure, but with personal data, it isn't an option.

Occasionally you may need to exchange sensitive information or personal data with us. Sending data by ordinary email via the Internet is not secure from 'end-to end', even if you send from a 'secure' domain such as (NHSmail). Please do not take the risk with personal or sensitive data.

Fortunately, there are several other, more secure, ways of exchanging information with us and we are keen that you are comfortable with whatever method you choose.

Ad hoc transfers from you to Exigia

  1. As our website is secured by an industry standard SSL certificate you can upload files using the Contact form.
  2. You could also use an online service such as Egress. Exigia has an Egress account and can access content using its own key.  You will have to advise us in advance each time you want to use this method.

Transfers from Exigia to you and Two-way transfers (Protonmail)

Note: These options are only available to clients with accounts on this website

  1. As our site is secure, you can upload and download files using the Documents option accessible via our Client Portal menu.
  2. However this is not always convenient and you will have to let us know separately each time you have files to send us, so ...
  3. ...we have a two-way, email-based, option that is especially useful where there are likely to be several or many transfers accompanied by messages and instructions. This is our highly secure Protonmail system.
  4. Full details are available under the Client Portal 'Secure email' menu option, when you are logged in.