Secure communications

secure mailbox

Just like you, we like to be secure.

Occasionally you may need to exchange sensitive information or personal data with us. Doing so by ordinary email via the Internet is not secure from 'end-to end', even if you send from a 'secure' domain such as (NHSmail). Please do not take the risk.

Fortunately, there are several other, more secure, ways of exchanging information with us.

The first point to note is that our website is secured using an industry standard SSL certificate. This acts as as a security measure by creating an encrypted link between your browser and all the web pages on

Transfers from you to Exigia

  1. As our website is secure, you can upload files safely using the Contact form;
  2. or if you are an established client, you can use our Client portal. Before you can do this, we need to set up a user account for you. This will allow you to login to your (organisation's) portal via the menu item. The Client portal menu items should include a Documents option for uploading (or downloading) files.
  3. You could also use an online service such as Egress to upload your content to a secure server on the Internet. Exigia has an Egress account and can simply download any emails or content you send us that way using its own key. If you use a service we are not subscribed to, you will usually need to supply a link and/or key for us to decrypt and download the content.
  4. You could even encrypt your content files and mail them to us normally. The method will vary depending on the application* you use to create the encrypted file(s). To maintain security, you will have to supply the decryption key via a separate route i.e. absolutely not in the same email as the one with the attached 'secure' content.

* Note: The protection provided by some software applications may not be secure enough. We recommend that you use the latest versions and assess the suitability of your applications before using them to transfer sensitive or personal data to us (or anyone else).

Transfers from Exigia to you

  1. As our site is secure, if you are an established client you can download files safely using our Client portal. In just the same way as for transfers and uploads to Exigia, we will first need to set up a user account for you. Again, after logging in you can select the Documents option from the Client portal menu to download (or upload) files.
  2. If we send you sensitive or personal data by email, we will use a secure service. We currently use Tutanota and our emails will come from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or some other This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The emails contain download links to Tutanota's secure server and you can access the content from there. We will need to set up a password for you to activate the link. This can be a one-time (individual email) password or we can provide a more permanent password for multiple or regular transfers between us.