Terms and conditions of business

terms and conditions


Exigia Ltd provides Information Governance and security consultancy and a range of web development and hosting services to its business clients.

We like to be clear about what our clients want so that we can deliver it effectively. To that end we like to have an agreement covering what is required, by when and the basis of fees and other charges.

By default, we do business on our STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS although we are always prepared to consider using our clients purchasing terms and conditions or even a custom contract.

So in the absence of an alternative or more specific contract for the provision of services, this Agreement and these Terms, taken together with any rates of payment, time constraints and any other details agreed will apply.

Pro Forma Agreement

The Pro Forma Agreement (contract) covers the delivery of our basic services and is accompanied by Schedules detailing:

  1. The Services actually to be Provided (which may need modifying by agreement)
  2. Definitions and Interpretation used in the Agreement
  3. Payments and stages
  4. Data Processing to be undertaken

We will complete the Schedules once we have agreed the details with you, and of course send you a copy.

Download a copy of our Pro Forma Agreement here.


Last updated: 28 February, 2021 (v1.5)